One of the reasons that more people today do not wear hearing aids is because of the high cost of them. In the past, people complained about hearing aids being too big and distracting. Today's hearing aids are smaller and more discreet, but they can be expensive.

The first hearing aids cost between $62 and $159. Today's hearing aids can cost between $1,000 and $4,000 per ear. The cost may not be covered by health insurance. There are many reasons that the cost of hearing aids has increased drastically.

Advanced Digital Technology:  Older hearing aids were analog. They worked by turning up the volume. Today's hearing aids have technology that can filter out background noise. They can also enhance speech.

Custom-built Design: Today's hearing aids are designed to fit your hearing needs, lifestyle and comfort. They are durable and high-quality.

Research Costs:  One of the reasons that hearing aids are so expensive is because people are always researching ways to make the hearing aids smarter and safer. Over $500 million is spent on hearing aid research per year.

Hearing aids typically last six years. This means that you will be spending on average $750 per year on hearing aids. However, it is important to note that going without hearing aids can cost you more money if you are still working. In fact, hearing loss can reduce your earnings by $12,000 per year.  But most importantly it can cost you a lot of life enjoyment. 

Bundled Prices:  There are multiple steps involved in purchasing hearing aids so you can save money by bundling hearing aids with other services. One of the many benefits of bundling services is that you can schedule unlimited follow-up servies with your healthcare provider. This can help you save money. You can get the following services.

  • Hearing screening
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming
  • Earmold impressions
  • Consultation
  • Hearing aid adjustment
  • Microphone testing
  • Therapy services

Before you buy a hearing aid, you should ask your professional about the other types of servies that you can get. They can tell you about the types of packages available.

Why it is Important to Schedule a Consultation:  You may be tempted to buy the hearing aids online in order to save money. However, the low cost is not worth it. Your hearing loss may worsen if you attempt to take care of this problem yourself.

Your hearing is one of your most important senses. That is why it is important to schedule an appointment with an audiologist if you have suffered hearing loss. Prescription hearing aids can prevent your hearing loss from getting any worse.