In this ultra-modern world we live in today, technology has found its way into every aspect of our lives from the way we eat, the way we shop, to the way we work, and everything in between. Finding new ways to live an easier, happier, and safer life are some of the important traits that are at the core of modern society today. One particular device has been given a boost of tech to offer modern society more than just convenience.

Smart Device

When we hear the words "smart device," we might automatically think about our mobile phones, our televisions, or our thermostat at home. Hearing aids should also now be added to the list of things to think about when talking about smart devices. An innovative company called Starkey has revolutionized and upgraded the all-important hearing aid. Today, we're going to take a look at the Livio AI.

Hearing Aids: A Brief History

Long ago, hearing aids were called ear trumpets. These ear trumpets were so named because, you guessed it, they actually look like a trumpet. Inconvenient and uncomfortable, ear trumpets had to be held by hand. Fast-forwarding to relatively modern times, the modern hearing aid was first constructed around the late 1800s after the invention of the telephone and microphone. Now, we can compare the modern hearing aid to the likeness of Bluetooth headsets.

Livio AI

Starkey decided to change up the pace and give the humble hearing aid a new purpose. Not only to help you hear better, but the Livio AI can also track cognitive health and physical activity as well. It has built-in sensors that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) technology, revolutionizing and reinventing the hearing experience when using their device. Dubbed the "world's first Healthable hearing aid," the Livio AI also has the ability to connect with Amazon Alexa. Through Starkey's hearing aid and the Thrive app, the unassuming hearing aid has now become a multipurpose smart device.


One of the main benefits of utilizing this state-of-the-art tech is that users can now track their overall health and wellness, all just by wearing the device and using the app. The device also seamlessly integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit apps. The Thrive app offers its users a way to make improvements to their wellness and health by providing its users with a "Thrive Wellness Score." The score is used as an assessment tool from the data collected when using the device. Going far beyond being a traditional hearing aid, the Livio AI is also capable of streaming phone calls, music, media, and more.

The Takeaway

Starkey has definitely packed their hearing aid with tons of high-tech features. It was designed and built with functionality, dependability, and durability in mind. The Livio AI is more than just a hearing aid to help you hear better, it is the new standard of modern-day life.