Starkey Hearing Technology has unveiled the latest hearing aid called the Livio Edge AI. The launch took place at the company’s Hearing Innovation Expo on Thursday in Las Vegas. The event was attended by approximately 34,00 hearing care experts from more than 600 countries.

The new hearing aid features 2.4 GHz custom hearing aids with an ability to be recharged and hands-free connectivity to the latest smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy 10. The device will be available to the North American market in February 2020.

Livio Edge AI was featured by Time Magazine as one of the Top100 best inventions in 2019. It has been designed to exclusive sound quality as well as hearing in noise. Below are some of the additional functionalities of Livio AI:

  • serves as a fitness app that is able to track the number of steps a person takes each day.
  • Can use inertia sensors for fall detection and alert caregivers
  • Receive voice commands hence being able to act as your mobile personal assistant
  • It can utilize existing time reminders to remind you about your medication.

According to Chief Innovation Officer, David Fabry, Livio AI is designed to go beyond common features. They said that the launch of the new hearing device was the beginning of a series of innovations that the company is focused on.

Main features of Livio AI Hearing aids

  • Edge mode – The device uses artificial intelligence (AI) for patient-driven fine-tuning of the sound environment. The person using the hearing aid can double-tap on it in order to initiate the Edge Mode – which through the analysis of the environment is able to offer an “extra boost” in challenging circumstances.
  • 2.4 GHz WITH Li-ion rechargeability – The device is expected to offer 23 hours of hearing as well as four hours of streaming on a 3.5-hour charge.
  • Voice-activated and tap-activated commands – that directly control the hearing aid through talking and tapping. Besides that, it can also provide access to the intelligent assistant (Siri) for iPhone users.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel have been added to connectivity options of smartphones with streaming.

There are also three apps that the company has introduced:


The existing user-control app for Livio AI has also undergone a complete makeover to provide a cleaner feel and look. The new interface is designed to make the user experience more transparent.


This is an app for caregivers of hearing aid users enable them to stay on the loop in real-time concerning the user’s hearing safety and status.

Balance Builder

Balance Builder is Starkey’s new app designed to assist in the improvement of patient’s balance as well as reduce the risk of falling via several at-home interactive exercises. Its main intention is to provide peace of mind to caregivers and also to enable the patient to lead a safe and independent life.

Dr. Bhowmilk said that the Livio Edge AI was designed with the sole purpose of offering the best sound experience within the hearing industry. There’s no doubt that the gadget is going to be a game-changer for Starkey’s competitors.