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  • Starkey Launches Livio Edge AI

    Posted on February 13 2020

    Starkey Hearing Technology has unveiled the latest hearing aid called the Livio Edge AI. The launch took place at the company’s Hearing Innovation Expo on Thursday in Las Vegas. The event was attended by approximately 34,00 hearing care experts from more than 600 countries.

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  • Hearing Devices at CES 2020

    Posted on January 10 2020

    The CES 2020 is among the most significant conventions across the globe. The meeting has already started in Las Vegas. It will run from January 7th -10th. There are several Hearing Aids devices that are compelling with their impressive designs and performance. The CES has plenty of items that are worth a look.

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  • New Technology and Design in Today's Smarter Hearing Aids

    Posted on October 03 2019

    Here in 2019, hearing aids have come a long way from those your father or your grandmother wore. Both the field of medicine and that of consumer electronics have advanced and, to a certain extent, intersected, to provide new technologies and designs that are more effective and more aesthetically appealing. The newest hearing aids are 'smarter,' utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in their design as well as 'smarter' to look at.

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  • Hearing Aid Scams are Real

    Posted on August 31 2019

    Terry Lynn Anderson, who is 69, and his son Rocky Freeland Anderson, who is 38, were sentenced to prison on Wednesday, August 14th. The Anderson family is from Dallas. They were convicted of identity theft and fraud. Their $27 million scams involved submitting false hearing aid insurance claims for American Airlines employees. The false claims were submitted to Blue Cross through Anderson Optical and Hearing Aid Center. This business is in Bedford and Arlington. It is owned by the Anderson family. Blue Cross ended up paying Anderson Optical and Hearing over $16.7 million.

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  • A Rundown Of The Bose Hearing Aid

    Posted on August 15 2019

    More details about the anticipated Bose Hearing Aid have arrived. It is the first FDA-approved hearing aid in the category of "self-fitting air-conduction hearing aids."

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  • Three Types of Hearing Loss

    Posted on July 31 2019

    Losing the ability to hear can be a worrisome time, therefore it is important to know exactly the problem that you are dealing with. Today, we will be looking at the different reasons for hearing loss, in particular conductive hearing loss.

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  • How To Reverse Hearing Loss

    Posted on July 08 2019

    Many people will suffer with or already do suffer with some form of hearing loss. This loss will cause most of these people to have physical, psychological and social problems. That is why it is important to learn about the ways that hearing loss can be reversed.

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Posted on May 31 2019

    Those suffering from hearing loss often would like to get hearing aids, but, at the same time, they may be worried about how these devices will look on them. Fortunately, hearing aids come in a variety of styles that will suit just about anyone.

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  • Top Features of Hearing Aids Plus Some Helpful Purchasing Tips

    Posted on May 23 2019

    The technology featured in today’s modern hearing aid devices enables wearers to hear clearer sounds. Many require less maintenance and feature a longer life span then those hearing aids made long ago. If you're experiencing hearing loss, you can make an informed buying decision when it comes to selecting a hearing aid. Start by taking a few moments to review the top features of hearing aids as well as some purchasing tips.

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  • How to Prevent Hearing Loss?

    Posted on April 20 2019

    Loss of hearing may relate to any impairment of the hearing organ components. The ear technically has three parts, but the nervous system needs to be considered as a factor as well, because it connects the hearing apparatus to the brain where we perceive sound and understand its meaning.

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