More details about the anticipated Bose Hearing Aid have arrived. It is the first FDA-approved hearing aid in the category of "self-fitting air-conduction hearing aids."

According to the FDA's summary of the product's clinical findings, the Bose self-fitting hearing aid is capable of performing at the level of hearing aids provided by hearing specialists.

The FDA stated that the Bose self-fitted hearing aid is designed to amplify sound for people at the age of 18 or older with moderate hearing loss. The user can change the settings as they see fit. On top of that, a hearing test is not necessary. The product is marketed as direct-to-consumer, meaning that an ear care professional is not even required.

The Bose Hearing Aid bears resemblance to the Bose Hearphones. It has a flexible neckband fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and extending wires for the right and left ears. The packaging comes with three sizes of ear-tips so the user can choose one that fits.

Two microphones are integrated into each earbud with interchangeable settings for omnidirectional or directional modes. Active noise reduction can be used for blocking out background noises.

Bluetooth audio streaming has been confirmed for the Bose Hearing Aid. This feature will allow users to listen to music and answer calls when paired with their smartphones.

Speaking of smartphones, the Bose Hear companion app is available on iPhone and Android. The app will work with Bose Hearing Aids similarly to how it does with the Bose Hearphones, letting users change settings such as "Word Volume" and "Treble/Bass."

Features for the Hearing Aids include wide dynamic range compression amplification and noise reduction for decreasing background noise and the user's voice. Microphone array will assist in voice clarity during calls. The estimated battery life for a fully charged Hearing Aid is close to ten hours.

Following two clinical studies approved by the FDA, Bose promises self-fitting software for people with mild-moderate hearing impairment.

Two groups of users were recorded for a study. One group used self-fit software while the other group had pro-fit. As it turned out, users in the self-fit group were happier with the sound quality of their personalized Bose Hearing Aids. The clinical data backs up the claim that the Bose Hearing Aid performs equally to other devices recommended by professionals.

As of right now, there is not yet a word on a potential release date or price. But given that the Bose Hearphones can be purchased for $499 on Amazon, it gives buyers a general idea of the expected price range for the Bose Hearing Aid.